Standing Guard

My daughter Lindsay and her 11 year old son Noah were walking in the mall after his dentist appointment. Out of the corner of her eye she saw him quietly turn his head to the left as they walked by the Victoria’s Secret store on the right and not turn back until they had passed it... read more

Quiet on the Set!

I was watching a documentary on how movies are made, from beginning to end. But what was most interesting to me was what happened before the actual taping of each scene. Activity on the set was crazy! There were last minute makeup and hair touchups as one person ran over to straighten... read more

Does God truly speak to me today? Why do I need to hear from Him? Why should I care what He has to say? How do I recognize His voice with so many calling my name around me? Ever asked yourself those questions? Nancy uses laughter and life experiences as she shares how we can truly hear the Father’s voice in a world that competes for our attention…and our ears! (Available as a keynote address.)


During this seminar, Nancy shares God’s Word as she addresses the struggle many women have trying to balance the beauty that a Godly woman desires with the world’s idea of beauty. Lindsay holds a fun, hands-on activity to help ladies learn how to look their very best…without spending a fortune. The seminar can be held for mothers and daughters together or for wives who desire to know what God wants in their hearts but who also want to be beautiful for their husbands. The names of three ladies at each seminar will be drawn to have their makeup assessed and applied for them. All participants will receive a gift plus makeup tips. Bring a mirror and a smile and let us show you true beauty…from the inside out. Limit 20 participants per session.

Have you ever felt like you and your child were speaking to each other in an entirely different “language”…in English…face to face? Who hasn’t! Do you know who our children try the hardest to please yet believe they fail the most? Who influences a child more: peers or parents? Please join us as we discover what our children – no matter the age – truly want from us, their parents, as they travel from tiny to teen and beyond. And learn the number two thing you can do for your children that will make an impression on them for life! (Of course number one is prayer!)

In August of 2005, I was instantly and unceremoniously initiated into the club known as “Widowhood.” No one asked me if I wanted to join. No one asked my permission to place my membership with this club. No one explained what would happen once I became a member. The clubhouse door was opened and I was thrown into a world unlike any other I had ever experienced. No explanation. No instructions. No encouragement.

My heart tells me that there has to be something positive that comes from being a member of this club. Are you a member who is struggling on this journey? Are you a friend who wants to help but are unsure of what to say or do? Please join me as we discover that there is help, hope and healing for each of us as we travel on this unfamiliar path of living with loss.

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