Can I Come In?

Little five year old boys don’t usually want to play with girls putting on makeup – unless it is boring because there are no other boys around. That changes everything. At least it did for Jude, my grandson. My four granddaughters had locked themselves in the... read more

My Mother’s Christmas Wish

Devotion: When I was a little girl, the number one question I asked all my family before December 25th was “What do you want for Christmas?” I asked my sisters and my brother, my mother and my father. It was a huge question for me because my funds were limited to a small... read more

Remember the Trophies
The trophies were everywhere in our house: on the book shelves, above the fireplace on the mantle; in the utility room; in boxes under every bed. Big ones. Little ones. Some with “gold” lettering and some with “silver” but all decorated with the image of a dog standing on... read more

Captured By a Camera
“I am so embarrassed,” my friend greeted me as I opened my front door. “I just made a fool of myself today,” she continued. “That’s an everyday occurrence for me,” I smiled, “so just once isn’t too bad.” But there was no smile in return. She sat down, shook her head and explained what had just happened... read more

Did You Forget Me?
I’m late! I’m late! All I could think of was my little boy getting off the school bus and me not being there to hug him and welcome him home! I was chatting with the ladies at a local church after I had spoken at their meeting when I realized that I was late getting home to meet my son as he got off the bus... read more

Jacket With A “J”
When I was in high school, a girl always considered it a huge honor if she got to wear the letterman’s jacket of her boyfriend for a Friday night football game. When she wore that jacket for the game, she was immediately linked to the boy whose name was on the back of the jacket... read more

Facing the Giant
He was 7’1” tall and weighed 325 pounds. I was 5’8” and totally in awe – and a little unnerved – as I stood in the store by the life size cardboard cutout of Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal, the famous basketball player. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have him as a... read more

Focusing My Eyes
Confession time: there are days when I do major battle with greener grass. Not on my lawn but in my life. Please understand that I know what I have been given and I realize that God has truly blessed me. Unfortunately there are times when I allow my focus to shift to what someone else has... read more

Open Wide!
The Andy Griffith Show was one of my favorite television programs to watch as a young girl. Every week Sheriff Andy Taylor, his Aunt Bee, son Opie, and Deputy Barney Fife found themselves in a situation that seemed to be impossible to solve. Somehow, by the end of the 30 minutes... read more

Mommy, Come!
“Mommy, come!” I heard the little voice call. My two-year old son had an answer ready each time I walked in his room and said “What do you need, sweetie?” A drink. His blankie. A hug. Another hug. Just one more song. After several evenings of him calling and... read more

It's the Little Old Lady From...Your Neighborhood?
Her name was Mrs. Wallace. Just saying the name - Mrs. Wallace - and immediately I picture that tiny little lady with extremely short naturally curly and seldom washed hair. A little lady with jack-in-the-box teeth that needed no prompting to pop in and out of her mouth at a moment's notice... read more

More Than Fine
I saw her moving slowly through the slacks aisle in a local department store, shopping but seeing nothing. I understood. The image of her beautiful daughter who had passed away tragically several months before came to mind and was woven through the heartache of my... read more

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